AI Content Marketing Trends: What's Next in the Exciting World of AI?

September 20, 2023

AI is reshaping content marketing with personalization, content generation, chatbots, and predictive analytics. DashoContent's AI tools streamline the process. Learn more in the blog

AI Content Marketing Trends: What's Next in the Exciting World of AI?

Today, AI is not just a tool – it's a partner in creating captivating content that resonates with audiences. For marketers, staying current with the latest trends is critical as it becomes increasingly sophisticated. 

So, what are the current content marketing trends involving AI we’re seeing today? Let’s explore 4 of these trends in this post. 

The Power of AI in Content Marketing

AI has come a long way in recent years and continues to revolutionize content marketing in numerous ways. 

Here are some of the latest AI trends that are shaping the future of content marketing:

1. Personalization at Scale

AI-powered tools are making it easier than ever to create personalized content for your audience. Whether it's tailoring email marketing campaigns or delivering individualized product recommendations, AI can analyze vast amounts of data to ensure your content resonates with each customer on a personal level.

According to a recent study, half of retailers that personalize across the entire customer lifecycle earn 300% ROI or more, proving that personal touch goes a long way for your business and your customers. 

2. Content Generation and Curation

AI-driven content generators can produce high-quality blog posts, social media updates, and video scripts. They can also curate relevant content from across the web, helping you stay on top of industry trends and engage your audience with fresh material.

Tools like Dashocontent are changing the game when it comes to content creation — offering a range of features that make it easier for marketers to create, curate, and distribute content effectively. Its AI tool,, is specifically designed for content marketing, helping analyze your existing online content, identify your unique brand voice, and help you maintain it across all platforms.

3. Chatbots and Customer Service

In addition to answering common questions and assisting with purchases, AI-powered chatbots can also make personalized recommendations, ultimately improving the overall experience for customers.

Using a chatbot assistant to improve their digital marketing presence, Attitude uses a warm, inviting tone, and emojis add a friendly, conversational touch, receiving a 98% positive rating from customers

4. Predictive Analytics

AI can assess data to predict future trends and customer behavior. With this solution, you can anticipate market changes and adjust your content marketing strategy accordingly, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition.

Sprint, for instance, used predictive and self-learning analytics to identify and proactively offer retention programs to customers at risk of churn. With this tool and the data they collected, they saw a 10% reduction in customer churn

DashoContent's AI Marketing Tools

Whether you're a creative or writer, seasoned marketer or a business owner with a vision, DashoContent has AI tools that help you with your content creation.

1. AI-powered v4 of DashoContent

✓AI-powered onboarding: A streamlined, seamless experience for new customers.

✓AI-generated content scorecard: Improve and view the quality of content created

✓Revision Request tab: Simplified collaboration with up to 3 revisions.

2. Dasho Draft Generator powered by GPT-4

✓ Customized token length: Choose between shorter or more extensive results to meet your content needs.

✓ User-friendly form: Simply fill out the form, and watch as it generates tailored drafts with ease.

Try it now and share your valuable feedback to help us refine and enhance this tool further!

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AI is driving the future of content marketing, and staying informed about the latest trends and tools is essential for success in this dynamic field. Marketers must stay ahead by constantly learning and developing their skills. 

Content creators and marketers are spoilt for choice when exploring the limitless possibilities AI brings to content creation and marketing with tools like and events like Dashcon 2023.

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