Battlefield of Content Creation: Struggles and Success

August 23, 2023

Marching through the Digital Battlefield. Explore what content creation is, its benefits and challenges, and test your sentiments with DashoContent's quiz.

Battlefield of Content Creation: Struggles and Success

Content creation, in all its forms, has become an integral part of our digital age. And we get it. Content creation can be a nightmare. It's a struggle that leaves you exhausted and, at times, ready to wave the white flag.

What is Content Creation, Anyway?

In essence, content creation is the process of generating topic ideas that appeal to your buyer persona, creating written or visual content around those ideas, and making that information accessible to your audience in the form of blog posts, videos, infographics, social media updates, newsletters, and more.

Sounds easy, right? If only the battlefield of content creation were that simple. 

The Struggles of Content Creation

Coming up with fresh ideas day in and day out is tough. You are expected to be a factory of creativity, constantly churning out content that is not just original but also engaging, relevant, and valuable that should stand above. 

Then there's the time factor. Content creation can eat into your day. It's not just about writing a blog post or creating a video. There is research, planning, creating, editing, publishing, and promoting to consider.

And let's not forget SEO. With constant algorithm changes, keeping up with SEO practices feels like trying to hit a moving target.

The Benefits of Content Creation

But despite all these, content creation is a mission you cannot afford to abort. It’s the fuel that drives your brand’s online visibility, leads generation, increased brand awareness, and customer engagement. 

In a report of Hubspot’s State of Inbound, content creation is a top priority for 80% of marketers. This is like soldiers preparing for a critical mission.

And the proof is in the pudding: 91% of marketing pros, who are like the generals in this battlefield, say they succeeded in 2021 because of their content.

Now, when it comes to cool stuff, interactive content, like quizzes and games, gets way more attention than boring old static content. It gives 52.6% more engagement than static content, with buyers spending an average of 8.5 minutes viewing static content items and 13 minutes on interactive content items.

So, in simple terms, creating content is like having a secret weapon for your brand in this digital war. It might be a lot of work, but it's the key to making your brand stand out online.

Hate Content Creation? Let’s Find Out!

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