Dash of AI in Marketing: Content Strategy and AI Tools

March 1, 2024

We’re in an exciting time for content creation and marketing. With advanced AI tools now available, content strategy continues to evolve - bringing new efficiencies but also new things to consider.

Dash of AI in Marketing: Content Strategy and AI Tools

In this insightful episode on content strategy, host Fleire Castro and co-host Charlene Virlouvet are joined by special guest Celine Francisco, a content marketer, strategist and educator who founded her own agency On the Dot Media.

The DashEd x Wicked Thoughts Podcast sessions brings together these experts to examine how artificial intelligence (AI) is impacting content creation and strategy. They share practical tips, real-world examples and explore various AI tools that can enhance ideation, writing, and measurement.

Celine emphasizes the science behind brand storytelling – understanding your customers, mapping content to their journey, and having processes to optimize it. Fleire and Charlene also chime in from their expansive experience empowering startups and brands to effectively tell their stories.

If you’re overwhelmed by the array of AI technologies now at a content creator’s disposal, this episode provides actionable advice on how to focus your efforts. Should you rely completely on tools like ChatGPT or find the right human-AI balance?

Defining Content Strategy and Its Importance

Celine starts off by sharing an overview of what content strategy entails – essentially it’s the processes and systems behind brand storytelling. She stresses that having a strategy leads to creating more targeted, impactful content. It forces you to dig deeper into knowing your audiences, their needs and aspirations. This ties closely into topics covered later around researching customers and mapping to their journeys. A solid content strategy also has built-in processes for optimizing based on real data.

Researching Your Audience and Getting To Know Your Customers

A thorough buyer persona development process is emphasized here. Many brands unfortunately already fall short, not having researched their target groups adequately. But a few helpful tools are suggested like AI-powered consumer intelligence platforms that can provide insights into audience interests and content preferences based on analyzing search and social data. Building in-depth knowledge of the motivations and pain points of who you are creating content for is vital for resonance.

Steps in The Content Strategy Process

When designing a content strategy, Seline advises starting with foundational research – competitors, industry, keywords, existing brand assets and outputs. This guides identifying key objectives and KPIs to track. You map tactics like content types and channels to customer journey stages. After executing the strategy, continuous measurement and optimization happens – adjusting based on performance data. AI can assist at multiple steps here – from initial research to writing to analysis.

Mapping Content Across the Customer Journey

Strategically tailored content matches with transitioning needs from awareness to consideration and conversion. Seline shares a model covering the full journey all the way through retaining advocates. Email marketing automation is cited as an example technology to facilitate sending targeted content prompts based on past behaviors and engagement. AI tools can help generate the right formats fit for each phase.

Final Thoughts

Implementing an intelligent content strategy needs not be a daunting process with the right guidance and tools at your disposal.

If you’re involved in content creation and want to make the most of the tools now available to us, we highly recommend giving this episode a listen. Tune in to Wicked Thoughts Podcast to hear these experts dive deeper into content strategy and examine what’s coming next.

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