Exploring AI in Business and Human Resources with Bo Discarga

June 8, 2024

In our latest podcast episode, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Bo Discarga, founder of Betterteem, to discuss the transformative power of AI in business, particularly within HR functions.

Exploring AI in Business and Human Resources with Bo Discarga

The main theme of this episode revolves around the application of AI in human resources, examining how advanced technologies can streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and ultimately shape the future of work.

Bo Discarga is an experienced HR leader and the founder/CEO of Betterteem, a company dedicated to using AI to tackle pressing employee experience and retention challenges on a global scale. With over 15 years of experience managing employee experience in the offshoring and outsourcing sectors, Bo has been instrumental in helping major firms like Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase improve morale, productivity, and retention. His extensive expertise in areas such as organizational development and change management has been pivotal in driving Betterteem's innovative AI solutions.

Throughout the episode, Bo shares his expert insights on the essential AI tools for business and HR professionals, the future of HR in a tech-driven world, and the importance of balancing automation with human interaction. If you missed the episode, here's a comprehensive summary of what we discussed.

The Unique Human Touch

Bo Discarga starts our conversation with a fascinating observation about the unique capabilities of humans. While AI has made remarkable strides in many areas, it still struggles with humor and creativity. Bo points out that generating jokes and displaying a sense of humor are inherently human traits that AI can't replicate effectively. This distinction underscores the irreplaceable value of human creativity and humor in our interactions and work. Despite the advancements in AI, the human touch remains a vital component of our personal and professional lives, highlighting the complementary relationship between AI and human capabilities.

AI Tools for Business and HR

In business and HR, Bo emphasizes the importance of AI tools, particularly Large Language Models (LLMs). For HR professionals, LLMs can handle document-intensive tasks such as job offers, agreements, and performance reviews. This automation not only saves time but also allows HR teams to focus on more strategic functions. Bo also advises founders to outsource content creation and marketing to AI-powered agencies. By delegating these tasks, founders can concentrate on core business activities like client acquisition and investor management, ensuring they allocate their time and resources to areas that truly drive growth.

The Future of HR and AI Integration

As we look towards the future, Bo envisions a significant integration of AI within HR functions. AI will streamline the hiring process by conducting initial interviews and reviewing documents, yet human interaction will remain essential, especially for final interviews. This blend of AI efficiency and human intuition ensures a balanced approach to hiring. Additionally, Bo predicts that a substantial portion of administrative tasks in HR will transition to AI, freeing up HR professionals to engage in more strategic roles. This shift towards automation and strategic focus will redefine HR functions, making them more efficient and impactful.

Global and Borderless Work Environments

The trend towards borderless work environments is transforming how companies operate. Bo notes that HR technology will play a critical role in managing diverse teams spread across different regions. AI-enabled HR solutions will enhance productivity and employee experience, allowing companies to effectively integrate and manage global teams. This shift will also lead to increased investment in HR technology, as executives recognize the strategic importance of these tools. The ability to manage a borderless workforce efficiently will become a key competitive advantage for companies in the future.

Rapid Fire Round

Recommendations and Advice

Towards the end of our discussion, Bo offers some valuable recommendations and advice. For a break from work-related stress, he suggests watching the K-drama "Lovely Runner," emphasizing the importance of disconnecting from work occasionally. On a more serious note, Bo advises HR managers, startup founders, and business owners to identify areas within their functions that can be automated. He stresses the need to upskill in AI-related fields to remain relevant and valuable in today's rapidly evolving workplace. By adapting automation and continuous learning, professionals can ensure they contribute effectively to their organizations and stay ahead in their careers.

Final Thoughts

Bo Discarga's insights on the evolving role of AI in HR and business are a testament to the ongoing transformation in these fields. From utilizing AI tools for document management to navigating the complexities of a global workforce, Bo's experience and expertise offer valuable guidance for professionals looking to stay ahead in a rapidly changing landscape. His emphasis on maintaining the unique human touch while embracing AI-driven efficiencies highlights a balanced approach to modern business challenges.

As we navigate these changes, it's crucial to recognize the areas where AI can add value and where human ingenuity remains indispensable. Whether it's through strategic hiring, effective content creation, or managing diverse teams, the integration of AI and human expertise is the key to future success.

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Listen to the full episode with Bo Discarga to gain deeper insights into how AI can revolutionize your operations while maintaining the irreplaceable human touch.

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