Memes: A Guide for MSMEs

Charlene Virlouvet
Charlene Virlouvet
August 3, 2022

Meme marketing has proven to be one of the most effective strategies for reaching customers who are difficult to reach at a time when people avoid ads wherever possible

Memes: A Guide for MSMEs

Want to connect with your target audience in a lighthearted yet compelling way? Why not use a meme strategy in your online marketing campaigns? Meme marketing has proven to be one of the most effective strategies for reaching customers who are difficult to reach at a time when people avoid ads wherever possible.

Did you know? A meme is derived from the Greek word "mimema," which means "to imitate."A meme is shared by 75% of today's millennials.On Instagram, 1 million memes are shared every day. Memes are shared weekly by 55% of people between the ages of 13 and 35.

Five Good Reasons Why You Should Consider Meme Marketing

Memes can help you promote your brand in a subdued, indirect manner as part of your marketing strategy. The future of marketing, if memes are it, is already here. They do more than just make the audience laugh. They can increase engagement on brands' digital channels. See more justifications for incorporating memes into your marketing strategy right away!

1. Boost Engagement

When you use memes for social media marketing, you help your company connect with clients who may not yet be familiar with your brand. Be prepared to accept online interactions and impressions, such as shares, likes, reposts, retweets, and other actions, if the memes you share as part of your brand marketing campaign are good. As a result, your brand can interact through meme marketing without being overly pushy or salesy.

2. It instantly grabs attention.

People connect with visual content more quickly than they do with text-based content. However, there isn't much time to grab viewers' attention, even with visual content or graphics. According to studies, the typical user's attention span today is less than a goldfish's, which is around nine seconds. However, according to research on meme marketing, memes quickly grab users' attention and hold it before they can move on to the next thing.

3. It helps in connecting to your brand.

Memes are forms of visual humor that can amuse a crowd. Your audience can more readily relate to your brand when you make them laugh. As a result, you can foster a sense of community and belong to them by using a meme. In addition, memes' humorous quality allows your brand to stand out. We are all aware of the positive social and conversational effects of humor. That's what memes, which are essentially visual marketing techniques, accomplish. Instigating fun and humor is just as important to them as creating a connection.

4. It Does Not Cost A Fortune.

Memes are low-resolution, DIY visual content, so you don't need to purchase expensive software or tools to make them. Amazing memes don't have to cost a fortune to make. Memes are a time- and money-saving marketing tool at your disposal because they require little to no investment. You don't even need the fundamentals of photo editing to create them. Create a meme using any meme generator and add the text you believe will be effective for promoting your brand or business to a pre-built format, and presto! You are prepared to market a meme!

5. Increasing Brand Recall Value

Things that catch our attention are things we recall. And effective memes have a high recall value. In addition, when memes are done well, they can engage the audience and cause them to stop scrolling through their phones. Therefore, there is a good chance that users will remember your brand if the marketing memes you share are that good. Remember that not everyone who enjoys or shares your marketing memes will become a customer, but they may remember you, look at what you do, and express interest.

Memes can be helpful in your content marketing strategy if used properly. They can assist you in expanding your market and adding a human element to your brand through humor. Additionally, they can assist you in establishing a connection with your audience without the need to focus too much on keywords or content frameworks.

Memes can aid even a brand's self-reinvention. Their informal, humorous style gives brands that may have previously been known for their somber demeanor a lighter, more modern voice. Besides, memes are fun!

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Written by Charlene Virlouvet