[New Feature!] How DashoContent's Content Proposal Feature Makes Creating Content Easier Than Ever

Charlene Virlouvet
Charlene Virlouvet
March 1, 2022

Great news! DashoContent has released its Content Proposal feature! You've already fallen in love with how we've made buying content easy and affordable.

[New Feature!] How DashoContent's Content Proposal Feature Makes Creating Content Easier Than Ever

Content proposals take that to another level, helping customers and creators get quality content out there for a more active digital presence.

What are content proposals?

At its core, a content proposal outlines the type of content your brand needs and how your DashoContent creator can deliver it. The process begins with the creator. Once a subscription is renewed, the creator has the option to bring their best ideas forward and propose content themes for their assigned brands.

When creating a content proposal, DashoContent creators can now:

- upload samples and benchmarks;

- embed Canva mood boards;

- and reference links.

These features allow customers to get a real sense of the type of content their creators are looking to make. Additionally, customers are encouraged to collaborate with their creators in the comment sections. Creators can easily edit and tweak the content proposals until the customer is happy.

Given that all DashoContent creators are vetted and expected to be up to date with marketing trends, they can provide the customer with fresh insight into the kind of content a brand's following might want to see.

What are the benefits of content proposals?

- Customers find it hard to decide or determine what content themes their brand needs. With a content proposal, creators can suggest ideas to level up the brand's content.

- Revisions cost time and money. A content proposal reduce the likelihood of revisions and additional costs, and ensures quick delivery of content without compromising the quality.

- As entrepreneurs, our customers have to juggle all aspects of their business and coming up with content ideas is often put on the backburner. Rather than wait for instructions, creators can now get the ball rolling with a content proposal. Customers simply have to go through the proposal, leave comments, and, once their happy, approve it.

- Content proposals have the potential to lessen the number of feedback loops between submission and revision. Because the customer already has an idea of the type of content to be produced, major revisions are less likely to happen.

- Less revisions means content is delivered faster. Once a proposal is accepted by the customer, the creator is now able to start the creation process. With a standard lead time of 48 hours for 8 posts, the content proposal feature brings delivering fast and easy content efficiently to another level!

DashoContent's content proposal feature will help customers and creators stay on top of the content creation process without spending too much time on the conceptualization and revision phase. You'll never have to worry about what to post next!

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Written by Charlene Virlouvet