Standardize or Scale Up: Why Workflows Shape Exceptional Content

August 15, 2023

Is your content creation process more chaotic than creative? Learn how an efficient process can elevate your content game and how DashoContent's all-in-one platform can navigate you.

Standardize or Scale Up: Why Workflows Shape Exceptional Content

Ever find yourself tangled up in the seaweed of disjointed content, unclear responsibilities, and muddled messages? Well, you're not alone! 

We've all heard it a thousand times: in digital marketing, content is king. But behind every king is an efficient system that keeps the kingdom running smoothly. 

The secret? An efficient content workflow.

So, What's This Content Workflow All About?

Think of content workflow as the currents steering your content ship. It's the step-by-step process that takes your content from its starting point (an idea) to its destination (a fully-formed piece of content ready for your audience). It’s the conception, planning, writing, editing, proofing, and finally, publishing of your content. 

Having a solid content workflow system can be a game-changer. It streamlines the creation process, ensures consistency, enhances collaboration, and keeps your team on the same page (or should we say, same wave?).

Treading Water: The Struggles Without Solid Content Workflow

Without a streamlined content workflow, your team might just find themselves lost at sea. Tasks could overlap, deadlines could be missed, and your content quality could suffer. It's like trying to sail with a broken compass – you're not sure where you're going or who's doing what. In the fast-changing world of content creation, a disrupted workflow can lead to a shipwreck of your marketing game.

DashoContent to the Rescue

Fear not, DashoContent is your content lifeguard, always on the lookout to make sure you don't sink in content chaos. As your all-in-one platform for content operations, DashoContent streamlines your content workflow, acting as your reliable compass.

From the planning stage to publishing, DashoContent has got your back. Its features include a collaborative content calendar (DashoPlan), real-time progress tracking, and easy access to all your content orders - all in one place. With DashoContent, you're not just surviving the content creation process; you're thriving in it!

And how does it work?

  1. Create an account. Create an account and complete your brand card, upload brand assets, and add your team.
  2. Find a Match. Get matched with expert creatives and writers within 48 hours.
  3. Get Proposals or Request Content.Create a post request. Assign themes or start freestyle. Get matched with vetted creatives and writers. Or if you need ideas, let your creator propose.
  4. Track. Collaborate with our expert creative and writers, progress tracking, and content approvals in our platform.
  5. Get Content that's ready for publishing on your channels.

Now it’s your call. Do you think it's time to sync or sink? Choose wisely and sail smoothly towards exceptional content. Visit us at