Refund Policy

Given the nature of DashoContent as a SaaS, we do not offer a refund unless required under Singapore consumer law or other relevant consumer protection laws.

Customers are given the opportunity to test out the service for their first post only (500 word credit worth $50).

We will assess refunds, considering the digital nature of DashoContent’s output and the business model it employs. There is generally no obligation to provide a refund or credit in situations like the following

  • you have changed your mind about a post order;
  • you subscribed by mistake;
  • you do not have sufficient expertise to use the service;
  • you ask for goodwill;

With the nature of delivering consistent posts through an assigned trusted content creator, DashoContent post credits are renewed on a monthly basis and will expire after 30 days. If we decided to issue a refund or credit, this will generally be done using the same manner used to make the purchase. If the subscription was made using a particular payment method, you will be refunded using the same payment method in reverse. Any payment made to you will be made in the currency used at the time of subscription.

If your purchase is subject to recurring charges, then you consent to our charging your payment method on a recurring basis without requiring your prior approval for each recurring charge, until you notify us of your cancellation. You can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your account or contacting us using the contact information provided below. Your cancellation will take effect at the end of the current paid term. If you are unsatisfied with our services, please email us at


For your clarification re: issues/refunds.

  • Order is opened.
  • All content created has a deadline/due date for the creators.z
  • They are required to give 2 content theme options for the customer to choose from.
  • For the chosen theme, 2 max edits.
  • Then each post can also be edited/modified up to 2x.
  • Then the post is tagged for approval and with a deadline from the customer's end.
  • The order is closed.

We don't issue refunds at this point. We fix the content problem and make sure there are edits done for each status/phase of the deliverables.

Case Study: stratcareers. Gel issued revision rate.

The next items on roadmap:

1. Customers can rate the content produced

  1. Creators opps available will be affected by their reviews on content quality, deadlines, etc.

What we can do for refund policy:

  • Customers can test out the 1 theme produced so they can assess and offer refund/cancellation if not happy (only in the first month) → From FAQ: We have a "first post" money-back guarantee, which means if you cancel before you've requested more than one post, you will receive a full refund, no questions asked.

Case Study: stratcareers. Didn’t cancel on time. Card was charged.

NO REFUND for customer mistakes of no cancellation.

Should be done on their dashboard. Settings > Billing